Monday, July 24, 2006

Uninvited Guests!

We were very happy when we moved to our new house. Our dream of living in our own home was a reality at last. We were just 2 plus 2 and everyone was happy with their own spaces- until one day when I got an urgent call from R.

I was on my way to office when my mobile slithered and vibrated in my pocket. It was a call from R and she screamed that we have an uninvited slithering guest at home. You guessed it right- it was a snake, a baby snake. I returned home. When R went to open the side entrance for the house maid to enter, she found to her horror a snake had already entered. Though I had seen people catching snakes by their tails with ease on TV, I was reluctant. Seeing the commotion some people had already gathered. There were few construction workers also. I opened the door and the snake moved to the adjacent garden and took shelter in a pipe. The whole pipe was carried by closing the ends and let off safely in a far off place. In the melee I forgot to photograph my `uninvited guest’.

On another day R said we have a peeping tom in the window. I checked and found a fellow sleeping on the window bar.

I caught him and left him outside. Now I have to tell you about this guy. After two days he was back in to my backyard. I caught him again and threw him away a little far off. When I almost forgot about him, he was back again. It is amazing and mysterious how it gets back. I have caught and thrown away this uninvited guest about five times at different and far off places, somehow he has managed to come back.

We have a tiled canopy in front on my house and everyday morning I used to be greeted with small chewed fruits and droppings. At first I thought it must be some bird since there were a lot of birds in my garden.

I waited outside at nightfall to see who that uninvited guest was. My uninvited guest came flapping its wings- but it was not a bird – it was a fruit bat. Well, he/she has made my tiled canopy almost its permanent shelter.

The garden and lawn of my home is home to many creatures – large and small. These garden lizards go hunting on day time and during night take rest in one of the potted plants.

Here are some more of our uninvited guests.

We have some invited guests also.

Now we are not just four- our family has countless members.

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