Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Biologist at Home

When I went to School to pickup my son S, he had a paper box held carefully in his hand and a lot of friends around him peeping in to it. He said the box has a beautiful spider caught in his School's garden. He brought it home, photographed it and let it go in the garden.

He tried to explain me about its fangs and how they catch the prey in its web.

On Sunday he went with his friend on their bicycles. They came back hurriedly and S had a cigarette pack in his hand. Even before my eyebrow could raise he said the cigarette pack contains a beautiful millipede.

Again photographic session and his explanations about its innumerable feet.

Coiled millipede stretched itself walked around and made itself into a question mark, as if to ask, 'OK, but why catch me?'

PS: The dot of the question mark is made by me in photoshop.

For the past two days he was busy in his 'research' on spiders. He scrolled through encyclopedias- both books and CDs and finally exclaimed that he has collected a lot of information and he wants to write a book on spiders!

He got down to it and wrote a book on spiders.

These days he is also busy in studying snakes. Though he has not yet caught one, he has fabricated tools and a net to catch them.

Watch this space!

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