Thursday, December 21, 2006

Outing at Bandipur

During November we along with Raju family decided to visit Bandipur and Mudumalai forests. We found a place on the internet and booked it by paying full amount in advance. It was a disaster. The place was not as was shown on the net. We cut short it by one day and returned a day earlier.

Inspite of that the trip was not as bad as the place we stayed. We enjoyed black tea and my daughter A still asks for it now and then.
Enroute to Mudumalai via Bandipur we found a wild elephant grazing on the roadside. It never bothered to look at us.

Most of the photographs were taken by S (That is the advantage of the digital camera. I need not have to worry about cost of film and its developing etc. etc.,) and he has done a good job also.

Deers also were not bothered by our prersence. Here a deer looking at intruders in its territory.


The early morning walk we took was a refreshing one indeed. R and A slept at room I went along with S and Raju along with family joined us. It was a nature walk. S was explaining about spiders and demonstrating how they catch their prey. Here is a photo of Nephila maculata, wood spider.


I took a snap of a dragon fly resting on the fence.

Dragon fly

While returning we visited Gopalaswamy Hill where the view is astoundingly beautiful.

The cool breeze on the hill made us to sit for a while and relax.


At Mysore S experimented taking a few snaps of the cathedral.


Though we had visited Ranganathittu bird sanctuary several times, we visited again. S is very much interested in Ornithology. For his age, he studies and remembers a lot of things about snakes and birds (donot ask about his school lessons!). His interest made him to take a lot of bird photos.

White Ibis


River tern

Our boat went near a crocodile which was relaxing on a rock and never bothered to greet us!

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