Sunday, June 28, 2009

Glimpses of China

Photos speak more than words. View some of the glimpses of China through my camera.

Welcome to the photo gallery!

Visitors from outer space? No. Checking for the swine flu!

View of Beijing from the Hotel.

Flower Girl!

Farm woman.

Beijing Traffic!

At the Beijing Agricultural University Campus- in front of Olympic 2008 Basket Ball stadium.

Agricultural Science Graduates on their Graduation day.

Bird Nest- 2008 Olympic Stadium.

Greatwall of China.

Chinese say, `Unless you climb the Greatwall your life is incomplete'.

Breaking the wall- a Pakistani friend on the wall.

Waiting for the customer.

On the silk route- Fashion show at a Silk Emporium.

Two wheel repair on a road side.

Touching the sky- Shanghai Skyscrapers.

Hi! Why my photograph?

Not a fashion show- Crossing the road.

Cycle is still the best mode of transport.

Want a lift?

A busy street

View of Shanghai from Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower- Third tallest in the world, but in my fist!

View from river Huangpu- night cruise on the river.

Bye! So long friend!

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Unknown said...

Nice photos. When did you go to China? Didi you went for a conference?

Manjunatha BG