Saturday, February 10, 2007

Flying hearts and the Aero Show

When the children’s exams gets over, a sense relief surrounds the whole family. Parents sigh of relief is as if they also have just completed their exams. The quantity and the size of books these days children read is frightening.

Since today was the day of A and S’s freedom from exams, they had `ordered’ me to take them to Aero Show. May be their hearts and minds also wanted to soar in the sky like the metal birds.

S and A enjoying the Show

It was 2.40 in the afternoon when we reached the spot and the show had just begun.

I was amazed at the S’s knowledge of the jets and fighter planes and he helped me to identify them.

The show was fantastic.

`Suryakirans’ performance at the end of the show was astounding.

They formed a `heart’ in mid air and vanished.


Supreeth.K.S said...

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ansar's whispers said...

dear sir ,
what happened to recent Aero Show photos ? pl up date.
Of course, all your photos are beautiful hope to see some more.....