Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hindu God and Muslim God

Few days back I read in news papers that two Kashmiri Muslim Youth were arrested in North Karnataka while doing ‘namaz’ in a Hindu `Temple’. I do not know anything about about their intentions. Probably people and police thought they were desecrating the Hindu temple.

I remembered a news clipping I had read in a English weekly a year back. That particular reporter had gone to Kashmir and while he was returning to Srinagar in a taxi, that taxi driver, a Muslim, asked the reporter whether he wished to visit the Sun Temple. It was evening and the reporter said ‘yes’. It was a beautiful temple. While the reporter was going around the temple he saw two Muslims doing namaz in the precincts of the temple. He was surprised to see that and out of curiosity he asked them being Muslims were they not offended to pray in a Hindu temple? They questioned him back with a smile, `Why, don’t you know, that the God is one irrespective of religion?’.

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